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Ee embody “the perfect combination of charm and brutality.” Now you know what to expect. 😉 At BT Public Relations we are comprehensively aware that branding ain’t what it used to be. A radically different context is gradually engulfing everything to do with brands and branding. And we have ideas for what you should do about that.
How we see it
It’s a new brand world.
Stimulation, experimentation and transformation.
Wherever you are – and that’s partly the point – branding’s on the move. Unremittingly, the game keeps changing.
We think these new occasions (opportunities? challenges?) call for a new form of branding consultancy: one with above average experience, talent and brains; a different and flexible way of working; and a richer understanding of the world.
Thoughtfulness and originality, yes. Formulaic process, no.
The obvious macro trends – the Internet, globalisation, the rise of customer power, etc. – influence our work profoundly.
Other sweeping forces are shaping branding’s context, too:
— the brand emerging as a powerful tool for non-commercial players, like charities, art museums, universities and political movements;
— the growing acceptance that for service brands and even some product brands, it is the proper branding of internal culture and not the corporate logo that truly begets competitive advantage and customer devotion;
— the re-invigorated meaning of provenance: the peculiar ways in which it matters where a brand is from (or at least is seen to be from);
— the rise of place branding, as nations, cross-border regions and tourist resorts all try to shore up their identities;
— the sometimes lunatic, sometimes corrective pressures of the no-logo movement that blames brands for making people fat and causing volcanoes.
Daily, we grapple with these forces in our work and soak them up in the streets, shops, souks, taxicabs, restaurants and cultures of the world. Regularly, we publish our thoughts and observations on our blog.
Professionally, the entire Romania is our home.
In an innovative way of using talent economically and sharing the experiences of different historical provinces, we work as a single team from multiple locations.
A project from a client in Arad is led by our CEO in Bucharest and managed from Timisoara. The creative work is done in Iasi.
(True story.)
Some of our clients are based in counties that didn’t have any experience of brands or branding, or even the nature of the entrepreneurial culture, until 10-20 years ago.
We love this.
Wonderfully, BT Public Relations is the only significant branding consultancy that is entirely independent of the major communications groups.
This leaves us free to pursue our own vision. To challenge the orthodox view. To be perfectionists, and to play the occasional hunch. And to break the mould in order to help our clients stretch out and achieve their potential.
But enough about us…what can we do for you?

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