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  BT Public Relations

Video Production and Broadcasting

Getting the best from your corporate video usually means working with the right person.

If you and your film maker’s ideas differ too much neither of you will be happy with the end result.

BT Public Relations provides an in-house solution to all your production needs from corporate videos through to broadcast television.

Whatever the production, we believe in using broadcast equipment and are used to working according to broadcast standards – continually monitoring both sound and vision resulting in productions of excellence.

We can meet your requirements whether you are looking for a Corporate Film, a Promo, a Training DVD, an Online video for your website, MP3, MP4, or a Flash Movie or Flash animations, an infomercial or TV Advert.

BT Public Relations are also producers of documentaries, films and news reports.

The following are the guidelines that we enjoy working to, they’re also the most effective when it comes to corporate communication:

Documentary style video communicates

Research shows that people give 63% more attention to WebVideo than TV.

If your potential client clicks the play button, they’re offering you their full attention.

So, tell your story – communicate – don’t waste their time showing flashy effects and dancing pixels.

Content is king

This is the key note of our production ethos – content is king – anything else is there to make up for a lack of content. Unexpected visual effects, outlandish dissolves, if the weird stuff starts creeping in it’s usually because the content starts to weaken, ask: “What does this add to the story?”

If you notice the editing there’s something wrong

The editing is the ‘punctuation’ of your film, it should be unobtrusive. If it appears more dominant than the story is it because there’s no story? Or because the editor needs to demonstrate how ‘clever’ he and his kit are?
If a writer did this, with commas, or ended a sentence with . You’d wonder what was going on! It’s what bad editing looks like.

It’s all me me me!

Corporate video is all about the audience, the viewer, or at least it should be. What do they need to take from the video?
It’s not about the director being clever, it’s not about the editor being clever, it’s not about the camera operator being ‘arty’ and it’s not about your MD’s ego either. It’s only about communication the message to your audience – nothing else matters.

Broadcast on the Net

Web video continues to enjoy enormous success and is increasingly becoming a standard feature of websites and blogs. As we move towards the era of Internet TV, it gets easier and easier for everyday people to broadcast their own video shows to the world.

BT Public Relations has the required expertise to manage the new batch of tools which is evolving to satisfy this need, allowing you to create your own custom TV channels, broadcast your own live video feed or even operate a mini-recording-studio right out of your web browser.

Broadcast on your own TV station

As a TV solutions provider, BT Public Relations is faced with new CNA requirements, fast evolving technologies, rapidly decreasing prices and the commoditization of what was once a tabu monopol. We bring together new video formats, new network technologies, CNA top contacts, senior TV management experience and more — to provide broadcast TV services that meet today’s needs and those of the future through a reasoned migration path.

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